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Facility and Grounds Use Application

Click on link to download form:

Facilities Application Form.pdf 

Fax or email completed form to Kaumakapili Church to begin the process.
Schedule and facility fees subject to change.



 Today’s Date: ___________________

Name of Individual, Group or Organization:_____________________________________________

Type of Function (Check one):  □ Meeting          □ Party          □ Wedding    

                                                   □ Funeral           □Other  (describe) __________________________

Check one:     □   One-time use     □    Multiple days      □    Long-term use

Reservation Date(s):__________________________________________________________________________

Hours of use:  From______________________ To __________________________
(Facility hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)

Day(s) of use (circle):     Sun    Mon   Tues    Wed    Thurs    Fri    Sat

Number of people expected: ____________

Facility Desired:   □ Sanctuary/Church:  Capacity - 250   **For memorial services, please advise office as to whether service will entail ashes or the casket **
                                □ Keena Ohina (Community Hall):  Capacity - 250

                                □ Meeting Room (5 rooms available):  Capacity - 25 per room

Reservation Deposit for all services:  $300
*Reservation Deposit must be paid at the time of reservation confirmation.  The Reservation Deposit is separate from the Rental Fee and is refundable upon completion of the use of the facility, subject to the satisfactory adherence of the Rules and Regulations and inspection by church employee (facility coordinator and/or his appointed representative).

Person Responsible:  ____________________________________
Relation to Group_______________________________________

Address:  _______________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________State ________Zip _________

Contact Information:  Bus. Ph.:_________________  Res. Ph.:__________________ 
Cell Ph.:_________________   E-mail address:____________________


Rules and Regulations for the Use of the Facilities and Grounds

The patron agrees to adhere to the following rules:

I.             Cooking/Food
A.            No cooking allowed in kitchen and designated areas.
B.            Equipment, utensils, etc. are not available for use.
C.           Buffet service should be set up outside of the kitchen area in the hall.
D.           No food or beverages in classrooms.

II.            Displays and Decorations
A.            No staples on walls, tables or chairs.
B.            All decorations, exhibits, table coverings, etc. must be removed.
C.           No decorations painted or drawn on walls.
D.           No balloons allowed under or near the ceiling fans.

III.            Parking
A.            Parking only in designated areas and established parking areas.
B.            No parking on grass without prior approval.
C.           No parking at Tamashiro Market lot (Palama St. Ewa side of sanctuary) during the hours of
               8:00 am – 6:00 pm, seven days a week. Vehicles will be towed at owner's expense.

IV.          Alcoholic Beverages and Detrimental Drugs
No alcoholic beverages or substances are to be consumed or allowed on or near the
              church grounds.

B.           Any violation of this rule will result in the termination of the event and closure of the facility.
C.           Police may be called to enforce these rules.

V.           Conduct and Property
A.            Person(s) engaging in disorderly or unruly conduct shall be subject to removal from the
                property. If necessary, police will be called to remove the person(s) from the premises.
B.           Applicant must be present at all times during the event.
C.           No smoking is permitted inside the rooms or buildings. This includes e-cigarattes. 
D.           Applicant must adhere to the scheduled time.
E.            Reasonable noise level must be maintained.
F.            Children must be supervised at all times.

VI.          Grounds/Property Facility
A.           The event will be held in the designated area.
B.           Any breakage, damage or loss will be reported immediately to staff on duty.
C.           Building and facility will be left clean, furniture and equipment returned to their original position.
D.           Applicant is responsible for cleaning (sweep and mop bathrooms, lanai, dining rooms and
               surrounding areas used by Applicant).
E.           Applicant is responsible for emptying trashcans and depositing in rubbish bins located in parking
               lot on Palama Street.  PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR OWN PLASTIC TRASH LINERS.
F.            Facility hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.  Applicant should be ready to leave the facility
               at 10:00 pm
.  Facility use beyond the hours scheduled will result in forfeiture of deposit
               and/or additional charges.


Name of Applicant or Group______________________________________________________



Reservation Deposit - $300.00

Fifty percent (50%) of the Rental Fee is payable ninety (90) days in advance of event.

Balance is due thirty (30) days before event.

If event is cancelled thirty (30) days prior to use, only one-half (1/2) of the Reservation Deposit will be refunded.  If event is cancelled less than thirty (30) days prior to event, the Reservation Deposit will not be refunded.

Please contact church office for a full schedule of facility fees.

Security Services As Needed
:  Star Protection Agency will be contacted by the Church Office at time of application.  Their fee is $36.65 per hour with a 4 hour minimum to be paid by the applicant at the time of reservation.  Events between the hours of 6 p.m. – 10 p.m., Monday – Saturday will require security services.  This applies to any day that the church is normally closed and for private functions and parties.  It is the option of the church to have regular staff of the church cover this service.  Holiday rates are higher for Star Protection Agency; but not for church personnel. 

Parking for parties hosting over 50 people will incur additional fees.

Facility hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.  Applicant should be ready to leave the facility at 10:00 pm.  Facility use beyond the hours scheduled will result in forfeiture of deposit and/or additional charges.




Release from Liability:  It is understood by the group(s) or individual(s) making this agreement that Kaumakapili Church shall not be liable to any person(s) for any damage to person(s) or property which may occur during or as a result of the function which is the subject of this agreement.  Accordingly, in consideration for the granting of this agreement, it is agreed that Kaumakapili Church, its officers and members shall be held harmless and indemnified by the undersigned group or individual from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, suits or judgments (including costs and expenses incurred in connection therewith) for death and injuries to persons or for loss or damage to property arising out of or in connection with the use of the facilities and grounds of Kaumakapili Church, by the agents, servants, employees, or invitees of the undersigned group or individual.



**Name of Applicant or Group:                                                                                               

**Signature of Responsible Person:                                                                                        

**Date__________________________                                                                                 rev 10/21/13